Our brand colors are Teal, Pink, Yellow and Purple. Using our brand colors gives us personality: bright, colorful and confident. They’re simply loud and clear! The color palette is a union of our global brands: See Tickets, Digitick, Paylogic, Vivendi Ticketing). Choose the color you love!

The See Tickets system leverages a combination of pre-defined brand colors, and user interface (UI) colors that help create a sense of consistency and legibility. Using these colors deliberately and consistently will ensure users understand visual hierarchy.

Brand Colors

See Tickets Teal: CMYK 100/0/45/0, HEX #00999A, RGB 12/154/154, Pantone 320C, Screened 60% 10%

See Tickets Pink: CMYK 0/100/0/0, HEX #E5007D, RBG 229/0/125, Pantone 219C, Screened 60% 10%

See Tickets Yellow: CMYK 0/35/100/0, HEX #E1B200, RGB 255/178/0, Pantone 124C, Screened 60% 10%

See Tickets Purple: CMYK 40/100/0/30, HEX #840265, RGB 132/2/101, Pantone 249C, Screened 60% 10%

UI Colors

Gray 1: #F8F9FA

Gray 2: #DDE2E5

Gray 3: #ACB5BD

Gray 4: #495057

Black-ish: #212429

Other colors for graphs and things

Periwinkle: #C0CCFC

Peach: #F6B8A9

Orange: #F7685B

Red: #F03D3E

Green: #25C274